Buy a Honda Ridgeline While You Still Can

Posted: Apr 13, 2010 10:56 a.m.

If you’re in the market for a sport utility truck and have eyes for the Honda Ridgeline, you may have only this year and next to buy one. “While the automaker won’t comment, sources tell us that Honda won't replace the current Ridgeline unibody pickup after its current lifecycle ends around 2012,” reports PickupTrucks.com.

Surely truck fans will be sad to see it go. The 2010 Honda Ridgeline ranks near the top of its class for its car-like ride, innovative features and low sticker price.

According to Autoweek, “The Ridgeline was introduced in 2005, sharing some chassis components with the Acura MDX SUV. It is one of few unibody pickups ever made for sale in the United States, and on that count it was fairly revolutionary. As a result, it won many accolades at its introduction, including numerous truck of the year plaudits.”

Unfortunately, demand for the SUT fell rapidly.

“At first, it appeared Honda's unibody gamble paid off,” explains MotorTrend. “The Japanese automaker had hoped to sell 50,000 trucks per year and it nearly did it out of the gate. Sales in 2005 hit 42,593 units and it would only take another year to hit the magical 50,000 mark with 50,193 units sold in 2006.” However, that success didn’t last long. MT continues: “Its compact size and relative fuel efficiency didn't help as much as you'd think when gas prices shot up in 2008. Sales continued to drop, with only 33,875 sold in 2008 and the freefall continued in 2009, when Honda only managed to move 16,464 Ridgelines.”

The good news, however, is that low sales equal increased incentives. Right now, shoppers can lease a 2010 Honda Ridgeline for $460 per month for 36 months with no money down. Or, shoppers can finance one for 1.9 percent APR for up to 36 months. These Honda deals, however, end May 3.

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