Lexus Resumes Sales of GX 460 SUV

Posted: Apr 30, 2010 10:32 a.m.

Lexus says it has fixed the problem that Consumer Reports uncovered with its GX 460 SUV. The company has resumed selling its largest model, and expects to contact most GX owners this week to arrange to fix their cars.

Edmunds Inside Line explains, “Toyota recalled the 9,400 units of the SUV in the U.S. on April 19, just days after Consumer Reports said its testing revealed a rollover risk. Toyota later concurred that if the GX 460 is driven through a sharp turn under ‘certain high-speed conditions, the rear tires could lose traction.’” CR issued a rare “Don’t Buy” recommendation to its readers based on the defect.

Motor Trend reports, “Lexus has now updated the stability software, and has resumed sales.” Lexus dealers “began notifying owners yesterday that the fix was ready to be installed, and anticipates most owners will be informed within one week. The update takes roughly an hour to perform.”

Owners who are wary of driving their GX before the fix is performed should contact their local Lexus dealer. Autoblog explains, “For owners who still don't wish to drive their affected SUV, Lexus will continue to offer a courtesy vehicle free of charge.” The company can be reached at 1-800-255-3987.

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