Nissan to Make Electric Sports Car

Posted: Jul 20, 2010 10:04 a.m.

The good folks at Inside Line received word that Nissan -- not content to rest on its Leaf electric car laurels -- will be adding an electric sports car to its lineup.

Inside Line was unable to extract any specific details about the future sports car, but believes Nissan is down to two options; “An all-electric 370Z-E is the lower-cost route, or the company could make an ambitious run at a production version of the Essence Coupe.”

The Essence is a concept sports car Nissan unveiled under its Infiniti brand. The concept vehicle is equipped with a hybrid powertrain.

Autoblog, however, believes another option exists that would instead be, “based on the Leaf platform but with the motor moved to the rear axle. The compact size of the electric motor could make packaging easier than with an internal combustion vehicle, and much of the rest of the hardware could stay the same.”

However Nissan chooses to go about in producing its electric sports car, it’s nice to see that automakers are trying hard to make electricity and fun co-exist.

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