GM Introduces Mobile App for Vehicles

Posted: Jul 23, 2010 10:41 a.m.

GM is set to introduce a mobile app for many of its 2011 vehicles that will allow you to use your phone as your vehicle's key fob, start your car remotely and call up your vehicle's vital information, among other things.

Autoblog reports that GM can create these features with its OnStar system while Ford’s SYNC is unable to because, “GM integrates cellular radios into the car while Ford relies on the driver's existing phone connected via Bluetooth or a cable.”

GM though isn’t just badge-engineering these apps, which are only available for iPhone and Android phones. According to Edmunds, “the individual Chevy, Caddy, Buick and GMC apps will be ‘tailored specifically for each brand's customers’ and will be ‘revealed in totality when the brand[s] begin bringing their apps to market in the months ahead.’”

To use the app you will need to create a user account and PIN so that strangers aren’t able to access your car's information should they get their hands on your phone.

The app itself, “acts as an extension to OnStar’s Safe and Sound and Directions and Connections services, which means you will need to have one of those plans to use the app. A basic OnStar plan costs $18.95 a month or $199 a year,” reports Cars.com.

With the addition of the mobile app GM is clearly hoping that more customers will be lured into paying for OnStar after the free trial period, which comes with all GM vehicles, ends.

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