2012 Audi Q3 Crossover To Debut at Shangai Auto Show

Posted: Apr 11, 2011 12:06 p.m.

After months of will-they-won’t-they debates among automotive journalists, it looks like the Audi Q3 crossover might available for U.S. customers as a 2012 model. The Q3 is slated to launch in Europe this fall, and Automobile Magazine estimates that a U.S. launch could happen a year after that.

Although Audi officially unveils the SUV next week at the Shanghai Auto Show, the automaker has released some basic information and some teaser sketches to the auto press. The Q3’s underpinnings will be shared with the Volkswagen Tiguan. “The Tiguan's engines and transmissions should carry over into the Q3, which means a turbo four producing around 200 horsepower with a diesel option for Europe,” according to AutoblogInside Line estimates that the Q3 will be priced around $30,000, since it will be more up market than the Tiguan, but a step down from its larger sibling, the Audi Q5, a crossover the automotive press praises for its performance and energetic handling.

If you plan to buy a new car in the next month or so, the Q3 won’t be available. However, if your sights are set a bit more distant that than – say, fall 2012 – you should keep an eye on the Audi Q3. Volkswagen AG, Audi’s parent company, is currently in the middle of a push to become the world’s top automaker in terms of sales. This means that Volkswagens, Audis, and Porsches could become some of the most competitive on the market in terms of value and quality. If you’re shopping for an Infiniti EX, a BMW X1,  a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, or a Mercedes-Benz GLK, the Audi Q3 might be for you, especially since it is likely to start about $5,000 cheaper than these three vehicles, which all start around $35,000. We’ll keep you updated about the Audi Q3 as more information about its features, performance and potential U.S. launch date are available.

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