Hyundai Recalls 6,169 Santa Fe Models

Posted: May 05, 2011 09:56 a.m.

2011 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai is recalling 6,169 Santa Fe models from the 2010 model year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these compact SUVs have two-wheel drive, automatic transmissions and 2.4-liter engines. They may have a defective transmission in which the “intermediate shaft may suffer from noise and excessive wear due to a misalignment of the intermediate shaft with the right side output gear. Continuing to drive the vehicle in this condition leads to the development of a whirring/whining noise and can eventually cause damage to the automatic transmission.”

The transmission transmits motor power to the wheels, so the damaged transmission can result in the loss of motive power, or a loss of power to the wheels. The engine, however, will keep running.

This recall will begin during June 2011. Dealers will replace the right side output gear and intermediate shaft for free. Affected vehicle owners may contact Hyundai at 1-800-633-5151. Or, owners may reach NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236 or www.safercar.gov. The recall campaign number is 102.

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